On The Way to Eilat


Here are a few pictures I took on my way to Eilat yesterday.  Eilat is at the southern tip of Israel and we have Jordan on one side and Egypt on the other.  On the bus ride down, one travels through the Negev…the desert.  It is beautiful.  It is so neat to see how more and more trees and plants are being planted there and they are thriving.  People come from around the world to study how Israel deals with agriculture with limited water.

Please join me in praying for Israel this week in regard to her agriculture and need to produce to feed Israelis as well as generate revenue with exports.  G-d is richly blessing the land.  Of course we must pray for the Salvation of the people here, that their hearts would be open to the L-rd as He knocks.

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  1. Thank you for the pictures and I appreciate the way you write your message–makes me connect with the G-d of Israel in a powerful affective way. Safara

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