One last thought on the election…

I usually don’t spend a lot of time reading about politics.  I keep abreast of the issues and how the fabric of America is eroding, how the world treats Israel, etc., but I am not a political junkie.  However, I did run across an article today on and here are just the first few paragraphs:

“President Obama and his minions took forever to congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu on his remarkable re-election. But the ill will against the leader exposing Obama’s appeasement also takes more concrete forms.

How sore of a loser do you have to be to not call and salute a fellow democratic national leader — especially of America’s staunchest Mideast ally — just re-elected against the odds?

Obama eventually did make the phone call on Thursday, well over a day after the win, and after sending his mouthpiece out speaking of the only tried-and-true democracy in the region as if it were a South American banana republic.”

The article went on to say that Mr. Obama is considering backing the United Nations Security Council resolution favoring a Palestinian State.  In other words, he is backing something which the Israeli people, America’s strongest ally in the region, are specifically against (this was shown by a victory for Netanyahu).

Israelis appreciate the support of people who are not seeking her destruction.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

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