Our New Radio Show, Jerusalem and Preparing for our Upcoming Trip


Never-ending arrays of flowers in Ashdod.

Today we had a meeting in Jerusalem and then came home to continue to prepare for our upcoming trip.  Baruch also recorded 2 radio shows for our new spot on SiriusXM, which is broadcast nationally across the United States!  It is broadcast 6:00-7:00pm Saturdays EST, 5:00 pm CST, etc.  The first half hour is Baruch teaching and the second half hour is a Biblical discussion between Baruch, Ronnie Houlihan our friend, Tom Le Vine and Pastor Dean Kellio.  The show is being partially underwritten by Superior Asphalt of the greater San Diego area.  If you subscribe to SiriusXM, you won’t want to miss it!

The original Biblical discussion radio program is still airing locally in the greater San Diego area on KPRZ 2:00-3:00pm on Saturdays (West Coast).  However, we are adding the Bible teaching segment and expanding the program to one hour, which will make it the same as the SiriusXM program.


Our next trip is to Asia.  We will be in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Singapore and India (in that order).  We will be in Hong Kong for our 32nd wedding anniversary.  It is very nice that the schedule worked out that way.  Last year for our anniversary we were on a flight to Vietnam for most of it!  As usual, I will do my best to blog from each location and fill you in on the work.

For the trip, we had to apply for visas to Cambodia and India.  The Cambodia visas were very easy to receive.  The India visas were very tedious to apply for via the internet but after about 3 hours of work (because we both needed them), the requests went through and the next day we very happily received them.  We are very thankful and look forward to how the L-rd will work in these meetings.

In India, we will be with Messianic Leader Joseph John, who many of you met at our Ninth Annual Conference in Orlando.  They are renting a space specifically for the meetings.  Baruch will be teaching on the “Work of the Holy Spirit.”

In Cambodia, Baruch will be teaching the book of Jeremiah at a Bible College and in Singapore he will be teaching the book of Esther at a Bible College.

We would appreciate your prayers for this trip.

2 thoughts on “Our New Radio Show, Jerusalem and Preparing for our Upcoming Trip”

  1. Hi Rivka,

    Well I was just getting ready to cancel SiriusXM but not now. Please tell me what station will the program be on.

    Also, do you happen to know when class will begin at Kingdom Hope College? I would like to enroll in the Practical Hebrew class.



    1. Hello Liza! Thanks for stopping by! The radio program is broadcast on Sirius XM Family Talk Channel 131. It is already airing. My understanding is that the Practical Hebrew class will begin the end of June or there about. You will enjoy the class!

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