Our Sweden Conference

With our Northern Europe Team. [left photo] L-R: Pia, Samu, Marko, Rivka, Baruch. [right photo]: Pia, Marko, Timo, Baruch, Rivka

Earlier this month, Baruch and I met our Northern Europe team (minus team member Jarmo) in Boros, Sweden. They had planned out 3 days of impactful sessions where we studied the theme of Redemption from the Old Testament. Both Pia and Marko did some translation for us. Marko also led us in praise and worship. Samu helped with many aspects of the logistics of the conference and is a leader in the congregation where the conference was held. Timo filmed each session and brought all of his equipment to do so.

Marko (right) leading praise and worship with Miko (Samu’s father and Marko’s uncle!).

On Saturday, Baruch taught 2 sessions and then we broke for lunch. Following the lunch which was provided for us, Baruch answered questions during a Q & A time. We then separated into men’s and women’s groups for a time of study. Baruch taught the men and I taught the women. I had a large group of women and it was encouraging to spend time with them. I appreciated Pia doing the translation. She is fluent in English, Swedish and Finnish.

A sweet group of ladies!

On Sunday morning, Baruch shared 2 sessions; one for the morning service, which was broadcast on the radio and also livestreamed and then an afternoon session at 3:00 pm. We were greatly blessed by our time there.

The Sunday morning group (left) and Pastor David translating for Baruch (right).

We appreciate our Northern Europe team! Their website is LoveIsrael.eu. They are also working to put subtitles on Baruch’s videos and are translating his books. Please pray for them!

3 thoughts on “Our Sweden Conference”

  1. John and Lennie Riley

    Thank you for the update. Praise G-d for how He is able to use you both to teach His ways! We continue holding you and your family up to our Heavenly Father in prayer.

  2. Shalom, I have eagerly been going through all of your teachings with a great hunger for the Truth. Do you have a team that works in Northern Ireland? We are so in need of help learning the ways of the God of Avaraham, Yitchak and Ya’akov. Our small messianic assembly in Maghera would welcome your input, as would all the small assemblies dotted around our area
    Praying for the Truth to be made known to all
    Your’s in Messiah Ha’Maschiac

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