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As you may know, we supply quarterly through our newsletter, and annually through our website, an accounting of all LoveIsrael.org funds.  If you look through the spreadsheet, you will know that Baruch is the only salaried employee.  However, we have several contracted employees who are vital to the running of LoveIsrael.org.  I thought it might be nice to give you an idea of the people we need to provide quality video teaching throughout the world.


Moon over Eilat, Israel, yesterday.

These are the people who are involved in some aspect of the production of our videos, most are in the U.S., but there are also three people from Israel and one from Romania.  They are:  Steven, John, Mark, Shoshana, Steve, Mike, and Tovah.  We also have Jared, who works tirelessly for us to get the best contracts for our television programs (Hebrew and English).

We also have several volunteers, who donate their time because they believe in this work.  These people include Yosef, Robert, Victor, Debbie, Patty and myself.  These people are involved with the Spanish ministry, accounting and communication.  We are so blessed by the love and work of these people.

As you pray for LoveIsrael.org and the work that we do, I would ask that you also pray for these individuals, who work hard to provide to you and others around the world, clear teaching of G-d’s Word.

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  1. We will certainly keep everyone in our prayers. They are all a blessing and we trust the L-rd will bless them in a mighty way so that the ministry keeps growing. Shalom from Sydney Australia

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