Our Time at Daystar

Pictures from the “green room” today at Daystar.

Today Baruch and I were at Daystar, where he was interviewed by Marcus and Joni Lamb (founders of Daystar) for their live television show “Marcus and Joni.”  They asked Baruch about our work, about his new video project about the Holocaust and the End Times, and discussed current events in Israel.  It was a good interview.

He was also interviewed by Jonathan and Suzy Lamb (son and daughter-in-law of the founders of Daystar) for their show “The Green Room.” The photo in the center above is where this segment was taped.  Both interviews were great to showcase the work that we do and to promote our television show on Daystar.  I will link the video once it is posted on their website.

The Daystar studios are run very professionally and the sets are beautiful.  It was great fun to be there and speak with Marcus, Joni, Jonathan and Suzy.  A big thanks to them for making us feel so welcome.

While there, we also met with their program director and were able to share with her our pleasure working with Daystar and how that relationship is enhancing our ministry.

Earlier in the morning,  met with our media consultant to make sure we are currently maximizing every area of our media output and to discuss future direction.

Today was a very productive day and we look forward to tomorrow and more interviews!

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  1. Shalom… I saw this interview on Daystar and that’s how I got to your web site. I liked your insight on Israel… and will be going through your web site to familiarize myself with it and gain some new knowledge about God’s Land and People. Thank you for your work. Rev.Dr.Diane Hoffmann, 24hotpotatoes.blogspot.ca

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