Our Work in Israel

Shalom!  I wanted to give you an update about our work here.  First of all, the study in Beersheva is going really well.  We’ve begun studying in Romans and Wednesday night we studied from chapter 3.  We studied about the righteousness of Yeshua which is upon all who put their faith and trust in Him as their Savior.  Salvation through His shed blood, not through anything we do.  This study group is so important because there are some new believers attending and they are getting a good foundation for their faith to grow in.

We also received word that the Discipleship Manual is finally ready to be printed.  We are waiting to receive printed copies so that we can begin using them.

Our weekly television broadcast and taping is going well.  We continue to be thankful for the grace we have been shown.  Baruch is able to share so much Bible truth within the limits given to us by the Israeli government.  There are just a few things Baruch is not allowed to say specifically.

Thank you so much for supporting this work.  It allows us to provide sound teaching and presentation of the Gospel message in Hebrew to those who need to hear.



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