Passover Countdown


Pretty bouquet given to me by our Bible Study people who come from Ashkelon.

Last night, we had a pre-Passover banquet with our Bible Study group which meets at our study center.  We had a great turnout, and it was a good opportunity to get together socially.  Also, it provided the opportunity to visit a couple of the spouses who stay home with small children.

How are you coming along on your Passover cleaning?  I think we will have everything done except for the kitchen by tomorrow.

Do you have your Passover menu planned?  I make pretty much the same thing every year.  Over the years, we have selected what we like the best and so for the past several years I have made the same menu.


Above is a frozen gefilte fish which is boiled for about 1 1/2 hours and then refrigerated. It is so good!  My menu this year is:  Gefilte Fish, Layered Salad (I posted the recipe last year), Matza Ball Soup, Tzimmus, Chicken Schnizels, Mock Potato Knishes and dessert (just a prepackaged from the store).

What is your one go-to dish for your seder?

3 thoughts on “Passover Countdown”

  1. Holly Carmel-Adams

    I have so…. been craving Gefilte Fish.. We always had Gefilte Fish in the refrigerator growing up.. My father loved it and so do I… Sounds like a wonderful menu Rivka.. Blessings to you, Baruch and family..

  2. Not being Jewish I have never observed Passover. But I hope to one day as it is such a beautiful representation of our sins being covered and forgiven in Yeshua. Thank you for sharing and teaching all of this with us.

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