Passover Video Follow-Up


From the box of matza we bought a couple of days ago.

After viewing my Passover Kitchen video, Baruch had a couple of suggestions regard the content which I left vague.  When one teaches the same thing many times, it is easy to skip over some important information!

In regard to the kitniot being stored in sacks, the implication is that beans, rice, etc., which would be kosher for Passover would be rendered unkosher if stored in sacks which previously contained flour, etc.  In the Sephardi communities that was not considered to be likely, as assimilation was not prevalent.

The second topic was Ashkenazi vs. Sephardi.  Sephardi Jews are those from the Middle East, Northern Africa, Spain and Portugal and the like.  Ashkenazi Jews are from Germany, France, Poland, Latvia etc.

I apologize for not explaining these as I should have.

4 thoughts on “Passover Video Follow-Up”

  1. Love your videos and teachings.. Thank you for letting us know you do not make your own gefilte fish.. You would have set a high bar on that.. Ha! Ha! My father always complained about jars of gefilte fish that he would eat.. His grandmother and aunts always made homemade.. My mom bought from the jar!! Love her and miss her.. Blessings and joy to you…

  2. Thank you for the follow up. It was helpful.
    All the preparation and anticipation for Passover and Seder meal has made it necessary to reach out to one of my unbeliveing Jewish friends. I sent him an email, yes, an email, because I could not wait for our slow mail service. I presented the Passover message with the message of Yeshua and will be praying for him.

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