Perfect Timing

Interior of the Nozyk Synagogue, Warsaw.

Yesterday we had the joy of visiting the Nozyk Synagogue.  It is the only synagogue to survive the Second World War.  Before the Holocaust, Warsaw had over 400 houses of prayer for the Jewish community.  During World War II, the nazis used it as a stables and depot.

We intended to just take a peek at its interior, but found ourselves just as the Mincha prayer service was to begin.  The guys went to the men’s section and we ladies went to the women’s side to pray and read Tehillim (Psalms).  They were very happy to have a minion and we stayed for the Aravit (Ma’ariv) service as well.

It is always nice for us to be somewhere where the people do not speak English, but when the prayer service begins, we all pray together in Hebrew.  Everyone there was fluent in Hebrew.

It was an uplifting end to a day of seeing the remnants and reminders of the Holocaust.

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