Perth, Australia

Perth Conference, 2019. Photo courtesy of Vanessa Barrionuevo.

On Thursday, we were blessed to be in Perth, Australia, for our first conference in that city. We were so impressed with this this city, set apart on the opposite side of the country from cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It is situated in the southwest area of Australia.

We settled on coming to Perth after a very serious invitation from Paul and Claire Craven. This couple was concerned about the spiritual condition of the residents and we are so glad that we came. Several people let us know that sound Biblical teaching is lacking and we received much encouragement to return soon.

Every detail in place! Photo courtesy of Vanessa Barrionuevo.

The conference was held at the Duxton Hotel, downtown. Margarita and Vanessa Barrionuevo, part of the leadership Team, made an exploratory trip several months ago and went on to plan every detail of the conference. It was a lovely time which also included a tea time! We cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work.

After the conference, we were supposed to quickly catch a flight to Sydney. Instead, the flight was cancelled due to high winds in Sydney and we caught a midnight redeye flight, which arrived early this morning. Unfortunately, that meant the cancellation of an event.

Tomorrow is the Second Sydney Conference. It will again be held at the Rydges Hotel downtown. This event will be videotaped and I will share with you the videos as soon as they are ready. We have over 300 people signed up and we are looking forward to it very much.

3 thoughts on “Perth, Australia”

  1. Thanks again for coming Baruch and Rivka. Such an amazing blessing to hear great, sound teaching straight from the scriptures.
    Please come back soon 🙂

  2. It is refreshing to hear of people desiring and appreciating sound Biblical teaching. It is all I desire in a teaching study or sermon. Many blessings to you both.

  3. May the Lord provide you both with His power, strength and wisdom, as you continue to engage with joy and enthusiasm, in His Kingdom work throughout Australia.

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