Pesach Cleaning

Passover cleaning is something which takes time but is very manageable when done over a period of time. Cleaning with small children around is much more difficult and keeping the various rooms “chametz-free” can be exceptionally challenging.

I begin Pesach cleaning early, with the bathrooms and bedrooms first. Areas which are less likely to be eaten in or food brought in should be cleaned and then all food in them becomes off-limits. As it gets closer to the holiday, the livingroom and all other rooms except for the kitchen should be done. Finally, it is good to get the kitchen done about 2 days prior. This will give you time to organize all of the kosher for Pesach foods and dishes. Once everything is clean, and all of the leaven is removed, you will be able to begin preparation of the food for the seder. I try to prepare the salad (without adding the dressing) and tzimmes evening before for the seder.

If you would like a Passover Cleaning list, just google it and you will find several downloads available.

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