Pesach is Approaching!


The flowering trees near our home.

Saturday night, we studied Isaiah 22 at our weekly Bible Study.  There was a very good turnout.  The attendance is growing each week.  People are inviting new people and there is an energy to the group.

Afterward, we prepared for the Live Stream and I am happy to say that it worked fine.  If you are not watching it live with us, consider making it part of your schedule.  There are a few of us who chat on the You Tube “Live Chat” and some even take the opportunity to ask for prayer.  There are also our regulars who watch it on our Facebook page.  It is also available on our website and also streamed Live via  We invite you to join us.  After the Live Stream, you are invited to go to the group to join discussion about the teaching.  Ric Joyner, from BSC is there to moderate.  It is after 1:00 am for us, so we are not on the discussion.

Yesterday, Baruch had taping to do to and I had some scheduled travel within Israel.  We will be leaving on Friday to make our way to Romania, where Baruch will be teaching a 3 day conference.  The theme is:  Preparation for Messiah’s Passover.  This will be a great study ushering us into the Passover season.  He will also be taping the next set of shows in the book of Hebrews.

Once we get home, we will have our Saturday night study, “Midnight in Jerusalem” Live Stream, the believers’ study in Beersheva and cleaning for Pesach before the seder on Friday evening, March 30!

How are your Pesach preparations coming along?  I am getting a slow start this year.  I will post again this year some of our preparation as well as my menu and food plans.

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  1. Thank you so much for the pictures of the streets and City! I look forward to seeing them, enjoying how beautiful it is there, clean, and looking so fresh. I look forward to seeing it all myself in person, God-willing!!

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