Please Commit to Praying with Us!

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Next month we will be holding a conference in Tirana, Albania.  The conference theme is:  “The Reality of the Unseen World.”

The organizers of the conference have educated us on the atmosphere in Albania.  We have been told that there is a real spiritual darkness there and that the occult and other satanic influences are strong.

We have committed to pray for the people there and for everyone involved in this conference.  You can be sure that the enemy will attack:  whether it be with discouragement, doubt, fear or other means.

Please join us in daily prayer!  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Please Commit to Praying with Us!”

  1. praying and also trying my best not to forget to keep praying for you and a very succeeding outcome for all involved, to the honor & praise of El Almighty.

  2. Prayer sent. Will continue prayer as the Holy Spirit leads me. May the light you and team bring shine great in Albania.

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