Poland Conference

Wroclaw, Poland.

This past week, we were in Wroclaw, Poland for a conference. We appreciate very much our Polish language team leader and translator Tomasz for all the work he does not only with translating Baruch’s videos, but also organizing this conference. There was a Friday evening service, which was very well attended and it was a special time of teaching, worship and fellowship. We were very blessed by the evening.

Many people had questions and we were so glad to take the time to answer them. We are always impressed by the number of questions we receive and how interested and serious the people are. We were encouraged to hear that a number of the people know about our teachings in Polish and are studying along with the Polish YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@mojestudiumbiblijne/videos.

Beautiful Wroclaw, Poland (left) and Team Coordinator George Popa (left) with Polish Team Leader Tomasz P (right).

These conferences are so important for several reasons. First, we introduce Love Israel and our Biblical Teaching. Second, we support, encourage and fellowship with our local team leader and translators. Third, we encourage the local body of believers, most of whom are the extreme minority religious group in their country.

Please pray for the many people we meet in various countries who feel alone, isolated or lack fellowship due to their faith.

3 thoughts on “Poland Conference”

  1. Such a blessing to see you traveling all over to share your bible teaching with so many “ minority “ groups .
    May the Lord continue to bless you and strengthen and protect you .
    Looking forward to hear those teachings as well.
    Recently found your teaching on Jacob and Esau. Wonderful!
    Thank you both ,
    Greetings and love
    Agnes Veldhuis

  2. i will never forget the emails we had, Rivka and myself as she heard about my taking notes to Baruch’s teaching back 7-8 years ago…! Glad you minded my words that you were way more than teachers to Israel, Rabbi Baruch, indeed i pulled your tzit tzit then (Rabbi, teach me the truth) and next thing you made your first trip to Romania!!! So blessed to see the impact your outreach has worldwide among Jew and Gentile! Forever in my heart, Baruch and Rivka! Shalom from CA Ingrid

  3. Your teaching has helped me from going insane.It is my daily dwelling place,I listen to you all the time,writing praying over every word.There is an impartation in every session.Whenever you teach on book I have to get all of it.There strength nourishment from your teaching.I was so hungry when I first started listening I wrote every word down so I don’t forget it Bless you Dr Baruch

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