Praises! “The Coming King” in Romanian and a Divine Meeting

“The Coming King” book in Romanian!

This is a guest blog post from our Eastern Europe Team Leader, George Popa.

             “The books were a real blessing for many of us, in this part of the world. A lot of people ask when will the next book by Baruch come and what do you say, in a few days, the book made its appearance! The name of the book is “The Coming King”, and my great thanks are to G-d, Who was made such a good team of translators and people around this book to appear. From the moment I had the book, I started to make calls, to all the people that I know who are committed to the LoveIsrael ministry, all the churches that we have visited, everybody.          

In Romania, we have a word to describe what happened; the books were sold “like the hot bread”, and we are not very far from this, because the book is really, really good. If there is someone who hasn’t read it, this is a perfect time to do so.          

In my enthusiastic moment, I called our good friend Barac Adrian, living in the west of the country, and he was very excited about the book. We have a strong collaboration with the church where he belongs.  Romans 8:28 is a special verse that the L-rd showed to me in ALL the moments when I am confronted with an obstacle. 

Left to right, Barac, Anca (Geroge’s wife), Marinela (Barac’s wife) and George.

On Sunday night, around 22.00, I received a call from Barac Adrian, who was in the north of the country and when he was driving home, his car just stopped! He called me and said that he didn’t know in what city he was, but his car broke down and he needed help. I said to him to send me the location where he was and now the Romans 8:28 comes! He was in my city, (in the center of Romania), 2 km from the car service owned by a Christian friend of mine and when I was speaking with him the first time, he was thinking of the possibility that the new  book by Baruch could be in his hands. We had a fellowship with thanks, prayers and good tea at my house until late night.    When you read your Bible, please meditate about  1 Peter 4:9. Shalom from Europe, George

2 thoughts on “Praises! “The Coming King” in Romanian and a Divine Meeting”

  1. Shalom dear friends. I want to buy that book, in romanian language. What shall I do for that? Thank you very much and G-d bless you all!
    Lorena Tudor

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