Pray for Israel Daily

My senior year of high school, one of my classmates was diagnosed with bone cancer. It was very traumatic for our relatively small, private school. He studied English Literature in my class, and my classmates and I began to write him letters and notes while he was at St. Jude Children’s Hospital receiving treatment. At that time, I began to pray for him daily. I never missed a day and after graduation lost touch with him. I continued to pray. About a year later, I saw his obituary in our local newspaper. It made me so sad. Even though I was not close friends with him, there was a connection I felt nevertheless through praying for him.

The same can be true for us and Israel. Through praying for the needs and people of Israel, we can feel a connection with the people and the Land. You will feel a relationship develop. You will learn more about the needs of the people here and you can pray for G-d’s plan to be revealed and accomplished.

Consider making a prayer journal to record your prayer journey with Israel.

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  1. Your faith in Jesus Christ is beautiful. I have been praying for Israel on a daily basis.
    As long as I stand, I will stand for Israel. Shalom Jerusalem!

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