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A beautiful view in northern Israel.

Many times people ask us how they can pray for us personally and for

This past year was a time of great growth and outreach and we look forward to a challenging year in 2017.  We ask for prayer that we meet our monthly budgetary needs. We would also ask for prayer concerning growth and direction.  Our first priority is always to share the Word here in Israel.  We continue to do that through our television show, website, Bible studies, and publications written by Baruch.  However, as has grown, we are able to share Baruch’s Bible teaching with many more people.  Therefore, we will be traveling in January and February to Romania, the U.S. and Amsterdam, where Baruch will be teaching several conferences and taping more television shows in Romania.

I will post his speaking schedule on the blog this week.

On a personal level, we would appreciate prayers for our older daughter, who will be traveling to another part of the world as part of work for her production company; for our younger daughter, who completes her IDF military service the end of this month; and for our son as his new business is starting out and he is working another job about 50 hours/week.

We would also ask for prayer for the daughter of a friend who has been suffering horribly with cancer for years and for travel mercies for several other people we know who are traveling to share G-d’s word around the world.

Thank you so much for your support.  We are so blessed by you and your desire to spread the Gospel and G-d’s Word around the world.


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