A touching note I received from a new friend in India.

As I hope you can tell, this last trip to Asia was very impactful to me.  We met many people and were impressed with two things:  Their desire to study the Bible seriously and the lack of Bible teaching available to them.

Baruch and I had a very interesting conversation with one of the workers at the hotel in Hyderabad.  When she heard that we had been married for 32 years, she asked if it was a marriage for love.  [I think it was because she thought we had been married young and that it must have been an arranged marriage.]  We were able to discuss marriage a little bit with her, which was nice.  We also talked to a worker who is a Christian and was glad to meet us.  Remember that Christians are a very small minority in India.  We told him about our television show and he was familiar with Daystar.

We are going to begin a Prayer Circle, where people can agree to pray around the clock for various needs we come in contact with and concerning  projects for which is seeking wisdom.  We are blessed to know people around the world who are friends of and want to see sound Bible teaching spread throughout the world.  With knowing people in most of the various time zones, we should be able to sustain constant prayer for needs!

This is something a few people have challenged us to establish and we look forward to sharing more with you.


2 thoughts on “Prayer”

  1. Melissa Arnold

    Wonderful idea! I would feel it an honor and a blessing to pray for the needs of others. Please keep us up to date.
    Melissa Arnold

  2. Wonderful to be part of a network of prayers from In one Spirit and in one truth in Christ. Shalom

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