Pre-Conference Meet and Greet


A few of the things we received for the conference.

This afternoon we attended the Pre-Conference Meet and Greet for the Messianic Leadership Roundtable.  Many of the influential and well-known leaders of the Messianic movement were there.  It was a great opportunity for us to meet some new people and to renew familiarity with people we slightly know.

Several people were interested in how they might use teaching videos in their ministries.  We look forward to following up with these contacts in the future.


In one of Baruch’s recent videos, he taught concerning kosher laws.  I’ve received comments from a couple of people who believe Baruch’s message was legalistic.  Many times, when observing something from the Old Testament is mentioned, people immediately say that it is legalistic and that Yeshua is all that is necessary for salvation.  Why must people always make the leap to “keeping the law” for salvation?  Baruch NEVER has taught that and does not believe that.  We are saved by accepting the work of Yeshua on the cross to pay the price for our sins.  Period.

One may not agree with everything taught on, but please listen to the message for what it says and do not read a different theology into it.

When we accept the work of Yeshua on the cross for our salvation and restored relationship with G-d, that is the beginning of a new life for us.  Not just a secured eternal life in Him, but a new life for the rest of our time on earth as well.

We should live differently now!  We should read every Word of G-d and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, as how we should apply it to our lives.  The Old Testament is applicable to our lives today as well.  Let’s seek the Holy Spirit’s leading in how to utilize every word in our lives for the glory of G-d.

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  1. Amen!! We, too, hear the “legalism” thing or we hear that Yeshua did away with the Torah/law. But that is not what Yeshua said. Ironically, many Christians believe the Jewish people think they need to work their way to salvation. But that is not true. I know many Jews who recognize the grace and mercy of Hashem. The laws are for good…a way to live loving G-d and loving neighbor…not for earning salvation.

  2. Holly Carmel-Adams

    Thinking of you as I was just reading this post… I chose a people to be a G-d to. And I tasked them to write down My Words, exactly as I wanted them written down and I told them to preserve them without adding to or taking away from them, to study and know and obey them, and I told them to share them with the world. I put power into those words, made them instructive for what I say is right living. Bring all the world to Me. I want all my family to know Me and be with Me. Keep Sharing and encouraging Dear Sister.. We Love you and through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit get everything you teach.. This is a blessing, but we must fully seek to know and serve Yeshua . Which means… completely dying to self.. We are so excited about the up coming conference. We can’t wait to learn from Baruch about Yeshua, and see you both in a few days….

  3. Amen Sista! Well said Rivka and very true. Just yesterday I was praying for Baruch and his ministry, adking HaShem to bless him and use him even more migh, because he is such a blessing to our family, here in Cape Town, South Africa!!!! HalleluYah!!!!

    We regard Baruch as our Rabbi. For years we have been praying for solid teaching from a Messianic Rabbinical, and Our God, who answers prayers have raised up Baruch.

    Be blessed!!!! Loveulots Karin, Ron and Zoë

  4. As a born again christian, I agree with the comment made here. I always knew about Jesus and also experienced His presence in my life… but when I started reading the Old Testament, a whole new world opened up to me and I feel I really got to know Father God for the first time… The Holy Spirit has His ways… ☺



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