We celebrated Purim this week.  This is the celebration of the thwarting of Haman’s plan to have the Jewish people exterminated.   G-d used Esther to rescue her people.  We can find some qualities in Esther which we should strive to have in our own lives.  First, she fasted and prayed and asked her people to join her as she prepared to go before the King.  The second thing is that she prepared for her battle.  When we face difficult times, we need to prepare ourselves.  We are faced with many spiritual battles and we must be prepared SPIRITUALLY to face them.  Thirdly, she was prepared to give her life.  We must be prepared to give whatever is necessary to follow the L-rd.

In chapter 9 of the book of Esther, we find that on the 14th and 15th days of Adar the Jews made it a day of feasting and gladness, and sending gifts one to another.  And even today, Purim is a festival of feasting and sending gift baskets to one another.

Let us pray that G-d will help us to prepare for the battles in our lives so that we can be ready to win our battles today.

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