Pursue G-d


Taken today by the grave of Samson.

Today we took another couple to the graves of Samson and Dan (yes, the son of Jacob).  The setting was beautiful; the smell of pine needles and fallen leaves.  Both of these men had failings in their lives.

Dan was given a piece of land as his inheritance.  But, he didn’t want it and went up to the north.  There, he and his sons erected pagan altars.  Samson, from the tribe of Dan, was given supernatural powers by G-d to defeat the Philistines, and succumbed to the flirtations of Delilah.

While we all fail and fall short of G-d’s will, that does not have to be the end of our story! Repentance is vital to a victorious life.  For all have sinned and fallen short! (Romans 3:23). But that does not mean we are defeated.

Ask G-d to reveal to you where you have sinned and disobeyed.  Repent sincerely.  Ask for the strength to go on a new path, G-d’s path.  Restore what you are able to those whom you have wronged.  Then you must press forward, pursuing G-d with all your heart!

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