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This morning, Baruch did a live radio show.  He was interviewed by Neil Johnson of Vision Christian Radio.  His show is called 20/Twenty.  Pictured above with us are Christian and his daughter Vanessa.  Christian, his wife Margarita and daughter Vanessa are hosting us in Australia.

On the show, Baruch had the opportunity to share about our conference this weekend.  Mr. Johnson did a great job of promoting it and spoke with Baruch about the topic for the conference, The Rapture.  They also touched on topics such as the importance of accurate Bible teaching, the Biblical Festivals, the “Time of the Church”, and Daniel’s 70th week. There was also a time of phone in Q & A.

After the radio show, we drove to the Botanical Park to get a gorgeous view of downtown Sydney and the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Then it was off to lunch and a strategy meeting on how to reach Australia with the Truth of the Scriptures.  We are looking to establish an Australian branch for LoveIsrael in this area and do some brainstorming on methodology to accomplish this.

We then had a lovely dinner at the home of the main organizer, which is a family who all have worked very hard on this event.  Others who attended were:  the head of the co-sponsor of our Conference (Derek Prince Ministries) , the Pastor of the church where Baruch will be speaking on Sunday (who is also the organizer of the Pastor’s conference where Baruch will be speaking on Tuesday) and the leader of Celebrate Messiah, as well as all the wives.  It was an opportunity for us to all meet each other as well as to fellowship and for us to learn more about the believing community in Australia.

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