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Last night on our “Midnight from Jerusalem” live stream, Baruch taught on Ecclesiastes chapter 5.  This was a great study, with a lot of practical wisdom for living a godly life.

We began by learning about not being hasty with our mouth/words.  This is so important.  We need to be mindful of what we do and what we say.  We should not be quick with our words before G-d.  It also states that the more one speaks, the more foolishness he utters.

We need to be very careful when we bring G-d into the conversation, that we don’t attribute to Him things which He did not say.  Many times, people say “G-d told me”, “G-d put this on my heart”, or “I feel that the L-rd is leading me.”  Some people say these things to justify what they want to accomplish.  Many times, I have heard people say that G-d told them something and it is actually something which is not Biblical.

I encourage you to check out the entire Ecclesiastes series in our archive at or YouTube or

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  1. I am so grateful to the most high God, (blessed be His holy name) for Baruch and his teachings. All day today that’s all I’ve been thinking about is guarding and bridling my mouth. I realize that the more I learn the more responsible I am to Hashem, so thank you with all my heart.

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