First, I didn’t post a “Sukkah of the Day” picture yesterday because by the time we got home from our Bible study and I got some housework done, it was kind of late.  So here are 2 pictures to make up for it!  The picture on the left shows several sukkahs on balconies of various low-rise buildings.  The one on the right shows one close-up.  In order for a sukkah to be “kosher”, it cannot be under an overhang.  So if there were a balcony, for example, above any of these sukkahs, they would not be kosher.  But, all of these are kosher.

We were blessed on Friday night to have visitors with us from the Netherlands, Tennessee and Florida.  It made for a very special time.  Baruch was able to share with them how the synagogue service in impacted on Shabbat and Festivals and also about John 7 when Yeshua was in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles.  We also had a great discussion about the Messiah as viewed in the Bible as compared to Judaism today, which relies upon rabbinical writings and not the Scripture.

Then last night, we had our weekly study at our study center.  We are currently studying from the book of Luke.  Last night we were in chapter 18.  We discussed how the judge was wicked, which reflected the situation of the people of the town.  That seems to apply today as well.  We also discussed the prayers of the Pharisee and the Publican.  When praying we should be focused on G-d and our need for His mercy, not focused on ourselves.

Tonight begins Sukkot.  This is a holiday focused on our dependence upon G-d.  Let’s meditate on our need for Him and what He has done for us to draw us closer to Him and enable us to have a relationship with Him.

Chag Sameach!


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