Recent Anti-Semitis

Recently, there have been several acts of anti-semitism reported throughout Europe, New Zealand, and the United States.  These include murder, vandalism of Jewish cemeteries and businesses and synagogues, boycotts, and bullying of students by fellow students AND teachers!

Because of the increase of these acts, the Jewish population is scared and beginning to see that Israel is the only safe place for them to live.  As a result, Israel is preparing for an influx of new immigrants. Since 1948, the percentage of the world’s Jewish population living in Israel has grown from about 5% to 55%.  G-d is returning the Jewish people to their homeland!  Let us pray for the Jewish people to return to the Land and that Israel will be prepared to handle the increase in population.

The situation in the world is changing rapidly.  We need to be prayerful and watchful.  We must always make sure that we are in the center of G-d’s will.  That is when we will know how to behave, how to pray, how to help each other, how to witness and how to OBEY the L-rd.

Recently Baruch was teaching in the Netherlands and he made a very important point:

“G-d’s plans will not be compromised by our free will.  He will raise up someone else if you are disobedient.”  

There are many people who believe that for G-d to be Sovereign that He must cause every action. This is false!  G-d does not cause someone to sin, to murder, to disobey.  Man was created with free will.  G-d’s plans and purposes WILL be accomplished, with or without your obedience.

Pray that you will be obedient to be used to further the plans of G-d.

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