A view from the gardens at Powerscourt, Ireland.  (It doesn’t even look real!)
I asked our friends, Dan and Fran (who accompanied us on our trip to Ireland and Albania) to share with you some of their thoughts from the trip.  I thought you might enjoy their reflections and impressions.  I really appreciate their taking time to write this and their willingness to help out as well during the trip.
Once again, we were fortunate to travel with Baruch and Rivka to conferences in Europe. This year, it was Dublin and Tirana. We have attended several conferences, and we would strongly encourage everyone to attend one. The behind the scenes operation of LoveIsrael is enlightening. We arrived on a Monday, and the conferences were on the weekend, but the days between are anything but downtime. Both of them are always busy. Between TV and radio interviews, videos, blogs and Skypes, somehow they always make time for whomever needs it. Everything we all see each week does not stop, regardless of where their ministry takes them.
On a personal level, Fran and I feel a little selfish, because of what we receive just tagging along. George, who handles eastern Europe, met us in Tirana. Without his hard work, the conference may not have happened. It is impossible not to see that the seeds planted by LoveIsrael are bearing good fruit. It was wonderful to see 25 people make a profession of faith at the end of the Tirana conference.
For us, the the real gift is the simple fact, that in spite of location, culture and language, we are all connected through our faith. This faith is reflected in the teachings of Baruch.The Dublin conference was bittersweet, due to some very sad circumstances. The conference amazingly happened, because many people stepped up when needed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to John and his daughter, Abigail. While the teaching at the conference is always amazing, what really sets conferences apart is the people you meet.
On our last day in Tirana, we got to know Arben and his wife Irma. They have a ministry to teach praise for church services, and they led the praise for the three days at the Tirana conference. They invited us to their church for a service, which we happily attended. We are grateful for their welcoming kindness. This is just one example of the spiritual freindships that develop as a direct result of the LoveIsrael ministry.
Dan and Fran

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