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Romania, June 10

The day before yesterday, I shared with you our team members to give you an idea of what it takes to keep running.  Today, I want to share with you about some other people who are important to this work.

We have a family who serve as representatives for us in the Netherlands.  They have created a government-recognized non-profit for us, they maintain a LoveIsrael website in the Dutch language, and they do all of the arrangements for our conferences there.  We appreciate so much all that Dirk and Theresa and their lovely family do to further the Kingdom in the Netherlands.

We also have 2 other families who are exploring how they can represent and grow in their countries–Romania and Australia.  They are passionate about the Word of G-d and its transforming power and want to help impact their countries.  We are all praying and seeking the L-rd’s will on how to best accomplish this.  The family from Australia has already arranged a conference in Sydney, Australia, in August.

Whether it is sharing something on Facebook about, using our videos in your home group, or helping to bring Baruch’s teaching to your city, we appreciate your support of this work, your love for people and your passion to see others impacted by the Word of G-d.

Baruch and I have an upcoming trip to the U.S., so why not check out the “events” section on  Perhaps we will be in your area!


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  1. Shalom Rivka. Great to see how the L-rd is blessing your ministry. All believers should in one accord pray for on-going blessing and anointing on Baruch as he teaches G-ds word. All nations need to hear the word of the L-rd and we are excited to see what G-d will do in the coming future. Be encouraged. Blessings in Messiah

  2. I have been following your adventures, even if I have not been commenting. You two are really being used all over!

    I will be checking the schedule. Hope you will be coming to our area!

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