Rockets and Mortars Hitting Israel


The beautiful Flame Tree, which is prevalent in Israel.

Today there have numerous rockets shot into Israel from Gaza.  Sirens have been sounding in the towns close to the border. Three soldiers have been hurt there.  The other day, and Israeli soldier was killed in Ramallah.

Also today, a rocket landed in a kindergarten, but fortunately it was before children had started arriving.

It seems that things are heating up here once again.  There have been quite a few planes flying over our home, as we are on the flight path of one of the Air Force bases.

As I am writing this, 70+ rockets have been shot into Israel.  Many of them come from so close to the border that there is not time to shoot them down with the Iron Dome.  In these areas, residents are being told to stay within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter!  No rockets have fallen in our city as of yet.  They are reporting that things are escalating, so it will be interesting to see if the night is quiet or not!

6 thoughts on “Rockets and Mortars Hitting Israel”


    Pray G-d’s will will be done. Maybe the time has come for Israel to take back control of Gaza. What a miracle to see.

  2. Beautiful Flamboyan, as we now them in Puerto Rico. Israel was the first place that I saw these trees outside PR. We love them in PR and they are found all over the island!



  3. That is not good; but we will keep you in our prayers, God is watching and He will provide protection as He’s always done.

  4. So very sad about the young soldier – may his memory be blessed and his loved ones comforted. And may our Creator protect His beloved nation, and the innocents in Gaza. I read that the EU and the UN are condemning the attack against Israel…hoping that truth prevails and support continues. Will keep you in prayer.

  5. May The Lord protect you, your family and those in Israel. I also pray The Lord will destroy in any way necessary, Israel’s enemies if they insist on destroying the people of Israel. I also pray that those in Israel who don’t know Yeshua yet, will not die without knowing just how much HIS love for us and especially for them, how far HE went. HIM coming down to take human form and HIM suffering as no other human has ever suffered, bled and died, so we can have eternal life with HIM someday.
    From Colorado, Shalom!

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