Rockets in Israel


Photo I took in Tel Aviv the last time I was there.

There is an app which can be downloaded which rings whenever sirens sound in Israel because of incoming rockets.  Well, tonight Baruch and I were here in Stockholm, when his phone went off and rockets are being shot at Tel Aviv!  We immediately called our daughter who lives there and she heard not only sirens but also “booms”.  I looked online and it said that one rocket was shot out of the air by the iron dome and the other one landed in an open area.

Please pray for Israel and her leaders.

Baruch and I arrived in Stockholm, Sweden today.  Our team arrives tomorrow and we will have meetings and Baruch will be speaking over the weekend.  I will be leaving late Saturday night to head to the States.  I will be helping out our parents.  We would appreciate your prayers for the meetings here in Sweden and also for my travels (3 planes to get there).


Blue skies.  It was smooth flying to Stockholm today.


4 thoughts on “Rockets in Israel”

  1. Hi Rivka. We have the same alert in our phones .Always praying for Israel and your family safety .Many blessings .Shalom

  2. May God bless your time and those you are teaching and ministering to in Stockholm, as well as in the States. My prayers go up for both of you as you travel and always for the peace and protection of Israel. I love these faithful updates, Rivka – makes you both seem closer in proximity and spirit.

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