Romania: In the Studio and an Evening Event

Someone taking notes during Baruch’s message last night.

Yesterday morning, Baruch was once again in the recording studio in Cluj, Romania, taping the next set of television programs. We appreciate CREDO TV and their willingness to work with us to tape 8 television shows in one morning.

In the afternoon, our Eastern European Team Leader George Popa drove to Cluj to meet up with Baruch and join him for the special evening service at VIA Church. The co-pastors Rei and Teo have become good friends and are very supportive of LoveIsrael.

Monday evening is not a common time to have a service at a church, yet there were over 200 people in attendance. We appreciate the pastors’ efforts to invite people from other churches as well.

Thank you to George for all the great pictures!

George reported to me that he saw so many people with their Bibles out and taking notes. This is one of the reasons why LoveIsrael exists! To get people in the WORD and study it in order to grow in their spiritual walk!

This evening, I had a Skype meeting with the Board of our Northern Europe Foundation, which is located in Finland. It was a 2 hour meeting, and we were able to cover many items. Those of you who attended our National Conference heard Marko Kulpakko, our Team Leader, give an update on Northern Europe. We need to be praying for believers there to continue to turn their hearts more fully to the L-rd, as unbelief and the enemy has taken hold there.

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