Romania Update from Our Team Leader

George Popa, the Eastern Europe Team Leader.

   As you probably know, on December 6,  elections were held for the Romanian Parliament.  This was a very strange election because after 2 weeks of quarantine and isolation, the Government said “for the elections, all the restrictions are taken off.”  They thought this would motivate the people to go vote. The surprise was that only about 34% of the Romanians voted!  The rest of them chose to stay at home and to give a “lesson” to the Government; to stay at home and to protest against the disastrous measures of the pandemic fight.

        Now the second tragic event is appearing…the vote counting is finished and the numbers are very interesting.  Almost 30% of the votes went to the socialists,  (the name of the party is PSD).  A lot of the members are at odds with the law, with criminal records and because of the parliamentary immunity, they are “safe”.  This party is pro-Russia, even if in public they say that European values are important to them.

       The  second  party received 28% of the votes.  They are the Liberal ones (PNL).  From this party comes the actual president of Romania, Klaus Johhanis. They administered the pandemic situation in Romania, and the measures they took were totally far away from reality.   Quarantine over quarantine, isolations over isolations,  requiring papers to go outside of house, restrictions to free markets, and disastrous management of the ill people, the priority was Covid solely and not other terminal diseases and the list can go on and on.

       The 3rd party is the one very, very pro-LGBT with a total of 15 % from the votes. Most of the intellectuals and people between the ages of 20-45 voted for this party.  Of course that party has good ideas also, against corruption, against massive forest cutting (clearing), etc., but between good intentions they have something very ungodly. 

The 4th party….it is the most dangerous one, and I will tell you in a few words why it is.  The name is (AUR) Alliance for Unity Romanians and in September, that is 3 months ago, the party

had a percent of 0.5% on the local election levels (mayor and local council). Their ideology is very, very simple: to keep the resources in Romania, to help the small agricultural providers (the peasants), to rebuild the industry, to eliminate the ethnical party (we have the Hungarians one, on the 5th position), to help the Christian Orthodox values and to promote them, and declare Antonescu and Zelea Codreanu național heroes of Romania.  For most of you, these names don’t represent too much.  But they were the promoters of the extermination of the Jews movement during the nazi era in Romania. From the beginning, they said they will not go to any political coalition, and they have the force to make the country healthy again…the percent that they have now is almost 10%! Can anyone explain how it is possible from 0.5 % to 10% in 3 months??? Is history repeating? Are we in the same position as Germany in 1930-1933?? During a time of socio-economic distress the nazi party appeared, and we all felt the demonic influence of it globally. 

Romania is on a very difficult cross road, please pray for my country…

The good guys are…few. They are Christians that sustained ARN (Alliance for National Renaissance) led by Peter Costea, a lawyer from Romania established in Texas; a Christian with powerful roots in Christian values.  ARN took such a small percentage that the counting machine of votes didn’t even mention them. What is sad is that Christians again were divided.  They don’t see the enemy on the horizon.  They still live in the “greasy grace era”. They are not bothered that the churches are closed, the rights are taken away, and  the coldness of the heart is a reality….

    Peter Costea was one of the lawyers who fought for the Bodnariu children , when a few years ago they were separated by the Norwegian system and were put up for adoption (all 5 of them) based on the religious views of their parents. He was also one of the people who fought for the “marriage referendum” where we wanted to stipulate in the Romanian Constitution that a marriage is between a woman and a man, not between two persons.  We failed because of a massive boycott and disinformation from all the important parties in Romania.  There is such a spiritual fight around all the globe.  This is the moment of separation between the goats and the sheep!   Choose wisely!!!  By: George Popa

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  1. Mare dreptate ai, George. Procentajul mic reprezinta votul de blam dat intregii noastre clase politice, corupte. Iar acel AUR, daca acum pare ca suna binisor, mi-e teama ca, daca prinde aripi, neo-nazismul ne paste. Dar, Domnul e mare si daca ne rugam lui, pentru poporul nostru si pentru poporul Lui, ne va ocroti. Doamne ajuta!

    Lorena Tudor

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