Romanian and Hungarian Translators’ Retreat

Last weekend, the Romanian Translators Team held a retreat in Moieciu, Romania. This is an area in the mountains where families go to have a time of relaxation and hiking [during the summer] or skiing [in the winter]. It is very affordable and many Romanians come to this area to get out of the cities for the weekend. The Romanian Team has translated over 1,000 of Baruch’s teaching videos and 6 of Baruch’s books! They have worked very, very hard and they are all volunteers.

We had a time of study together and we also broke up into men’s and women’s groups. Baruch and I each taught a short devotional and then we had a time of prayer. I know that for the ladies, it was a great time of fellowship and praying for one another’s burdens. We all agreed that we would like to join together in a What’s App group to create a community for women translators to foster friendship.

I asked one of the translators, Ioana [you can see her speaking with me in the above right photo], to tell what the retreat meant to her.

I feel the retreat was a great idea and a wonderful time. Given the fact that we, the translators, come from all parts of the country and from such different backgrounds, and also the fact that our numbers continue to grow, it was a great opportunity to get to know each other better or even meet some people for the first time.

It was a most blessed time for more reasons than I can count. We normally connect to each other via the internet, but the conversations are more practical and related to the work we do. But in this wonderful location in the mountains, with so much peace and quiet and fresh air, we got the chance to build relationships, that I’m sure will continue to deepen. We learned that we are not alone in our struggles and that we can count on one another when we need a prayer. In addition, we received the usual knowledge, wisdom and counsel, from the Word of G-d, through Dr. Baruch and Rivka.

I feel refreshed, renewed and I have a greater momentum to continue our work for the L-rd and also to deal with day to day life.

So, thank you for everything you’ve given us this weekend. We thank G-d for you, this ministry and the opportunity to be able to be a part of this work, that is essential for everyone that has a Kingdom mentality.

With our Hungarian translators. We appreciate them very much!

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