Seasons of your Life


I don’t know about you, but my mind can jump from one thought to another until I hardly know where the thought process began.  As fall is in full swing, it probably causes all of us to think about the changing seasons. Many of us will then think of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs.  In Ecclesiastes chapter 3, we find that for everything there is a season.  I have heard many people teach about the Proverbs 31 woman and how she did not do all of the things listed at the same time, but that during the seasons of her life did what was necessary; whether raising the children, maintaining and contributing to the household finances, etc.  In Titus 2, we read about the older women and their behavior and that they should teach the younger women.

I have recently moved into a new season in my life.  Our children are now grown and don’t need me all the time.  I am able to assist Baruch with our ministry on a full-time (volunteer) basis.  This is an exciting time for me.  Since the day we got married, Baruch and I have been in full-time ministry.  This is what we were called to do.  And now, I am able to devote much more time to these efforts.

I would encourage you to evaluate where you are in your life.  Are you in one season but living in another?  Are you missing out on ministry or serving because you are not paying attention.

Let’s pray for G-d to show us what season of our lives we are in an what G-d wants you to be doing both in your family life and in serving Him.

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