Seoul Part 1

Banner announcing Baruch, Seoul, S. Korea

We were so blessed to be hosted by the leadership of Pyongyang Cheil (Peace First) Church while in Seoul, South Korea. This very large congregation has over 300 satellite congregations throughout the world.

The campus of the church is very large, and the names of each of their facilities have names from the Bible (Shiloh sanctuary, Jerusalem sanctuary, Martha’s cafe, etc.). It made us feel at home!

Pastor Samuel Kim, from Singapore, introducing Baruch on Friday.

Our initial contact came through Pastor Samuel Kim from Singapore. His church is a member of this network of congregations. The shortly before we flew to Korea, we met with Pastor Kim and Joanna Pae, who was our companion during our stay. She works with translation and served as Baruch’s translator throughout our stay.

We were told that as the team at Pyongyang Cheil discussed about our ministry in Israel, they became more excited and asked if Baruch could add the lecture on Shabbat. He was happy to do so and, in the end, it was very impactful to the people who heard it.

Baruch teaching at the Minister’s Forum, with Joanna translating.

On Friday, there was a Ministers’ Forum. This was a large gathering of ministers associated with the church both locally and internationally. Baruch taught two lectures from the book of Ruth. The title of his two-part series was “Redemption According to Ruth”. It was very well received. The founder of the church, Rev. Abraham Parks spent many years of prayer and study in which it was revealed to him the need to stress the story of Redemption can be traced throughout all of Scripture.

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