Seoul Part 2

Upon arriving in Seoul, we didn’t realize that Typhoon Lingling was heading towards S. Korea! We were focusing so much on the news about Hurricane Dorian and the devastation in the Bahamas that we did not pay attention to what was approaching! As it turned out, the weather was not that bad and the anticipated flooding did not materialize to the degree to disrupt things.

On Saturday evening, Baruch taught a larger group of both ministers and elders. This lecture focused on Luke’s genealogy of Messiah. The title was “A Scriptural Examination of the Number 75 and its Relationship to Redemption”.

In addition to teaching, Baruch and I met with leaders, missionaries and others to hear about the religious climate in South Korea and what this large congregation is doing worldwide in missions. We were also blessed with many meals and fellowship there.

It is our hope that we can find ways to work together to further the Kingdom and maximize our efforts.

1 thought on “Seoul Part 2”

  1. Soooo awesome what you guys are doing , in Israel, in Seoul in where ever Abba is sending you
    Blessings and much harvest for HIS kingdom work
    Hugs from Hawaii

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