Shabbat in Jerusalem


Shabbat was a relaxing time of study and prayer.  Baruch taught some studies and there were those who chose to take the afternoon to take a taxi to the Old City to pray at the Kotel or just walk through the narrow lanes.

In the evening, the study group from our Ashdod study center came over and we had a time of study here at the hotel.  We continued in the book of Isaiah.

After the study, I participated on YouTube and Facebook during our LiveStream.  Thank you to those who join us.  It is good to study together!

Many of you may know that rockets are falling over Israel.  At this time (I am writing Sunday evening), there have been over 600 rockets.  Many have fallen in the city in which we live and one person was killed there.   Three others have been killed in Ashkelon.

Please pray for the safety of our children and for our leaders to make the right choices.

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