Shabbat Shalom

This week’s Torah Reading is Parashat Vayeitzei.  It covers Genesis 28:10-32:3.  Here is a brief commentary from Baruch:

The Bible teaches that children are a heritage from HaShem (Psalm 127:3). Leah demonstrated that she understood this by her statement concerning her sixth son Zebulun. Leah, after giving birth to Zebulun remarked,

“…G-d has endowed me with a good endowment…” Genesis 30:20

In this week’s blog, I want to encourage mothers that, although society today does not place enough significance on being a mother, the bible reveals that being a mother is a special endowment from G-d. Women often times look for their self-worth outside of their home and away from their children; rather than seeing their responsibilities to their children as service to HaShem.  Leah understood that her being a mother was a special calling from HaShem. Usually when I tell this to a young mother she will respond, “How can being a mother be such a special call when almost every woman eventually becomes a mother?” One should not see frequency as a factor that undermines the uniqueness. For example there are numerous people, over six billion on earth today, but each one is unique and special.

The truth is that there are very few women that approach their role as a mother as a ministry to HaShem. I hear many speak of motherhood in these terms, but few actually demonstrate this by their actions. In this passage from Genesis chapter thirty Leah also understood that the fact that she bore Jacob several children would actually strengthen her relationship with him.

This is an important biblical principle. Even though husbands seldom state their appreciation for the sacrifices their wives make in raising the children, when a man sees the results of a godly mother, it will impact his love for his wife. In other words, a man will internally realize, even if he is silent in word that the impact that his wife has made on his children is of great value. This will bind the husband and wife together through a spiritual means that will safeguard their marriage against much of the things that undermine marriages today.  Why is that? When HaShem sees a woman sacrificing her life for her children, G-d will enter into that home, that marriage, and every other aspect of family life to bless them. The passage from Psalm 127 literally states that children are an inheritance from the L-rd. That is, when children are raised properly, they become a means that adds to the home in many different ways.

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