Shabbat Shalom!

In this week’s Torah portion (Parashat Ki Tisa~Exodus 30:11-34:35), Moses ascended before the L-rd several times and returned before the people; however when Moses stood before the people with the second set of tablets which contained the Ten Commandments, his face had become radiant. Why this time had Moses’ face become radiant, while at other times this did not occur?

Although many offer explanations for this taking place, the simple fact is that there must be a connection between Moses presenting the tablets before the people and this miraculous event. There is no doubt that Moses’ face radiated in order to manifest the glory of G-d. Hence, it was Moses’ presence when the Lord inscribed the words of the Ten Commandments upon the tablets and the fact that Moses took these and presented them before the congregation of Israel that resulted in the people seeing the change that had taken place with Moses. In other words, G-d caused Moses’ face to reflect the Lord’s glory when presenting the tablets before the people so that they would understand that it is through the word of G-d that the L-rd’s glory is manifested.

This answer however is incomplete. If it was sufficient why didn’t Moses’ face radiate the first time he came down from the mountains with the tablets that he broke? The answer is found in the fact that the first set of tablets was solely the work of the L-rd. Moses only received them; but with the second set it was actually Moses who carved out the two tablets. The Lord inscribed the words, but the tablets were made by Moses. What can one learn from this?

One does not manifest the glory of G-d by simply being present while the Lord moves in a situation. Rather, believers only will manifest G-d’s glory when they participate in what the Lord is doing. As believers in Messiah Yeshua, we have been endowed and anointed with the Holy Spirit. According to the New Covenant (See Jeremiah 31:32) the Lord has inscribe the Torah (the word of G-d) on the tablets of our hearts. It is when we prepare our hearts to receive His word that we will also carry out His word and manifest His glory to others.

Moses placed a veil upon his face to conceal the glory, does not this seem odd? Should not Moses have wanted the people to see this glory? In one sense yes, but the veil represented the curtain that divided the Holy of Holies from the Holy place. It is only after Messiah Yeshua’s all sufficient work on the cross that this curtain was torn from the top to the bottom revealing that now believers can drawn near to the presence of G-d and have a personal Mt. Sinai experience with G-d and be changed by His glory.

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  1. Amen ,Shabbat Shalom . We desire a closer walk with the Lord each minute in our lives . Feeding on the written Word of G-D , digesting each word for understanding. When we are blessed to have Anointed Teachers ,The Word takes on a sweeter Flavor. G-d bless Israel ,and G-d bless the In Love in Love Israel Connection.
    Bless G-d who is to be Blessed for ever and ever.

  2. Thank you Baruch for your commentary ! I am studying one of A W Tozer’s books . He is teaching the same truth. He teaches we have to examine the veil over our own hearts that do not allow us to have this experience. Shabbat Shalom ! Blessings of HaShem to you , Rivka and I’m Very thankful for this ministry.

  3. I recall that Moses was instructed to cut out the tablets the second time (and first time) but i do not recall that scripture says he chiseled the 10 words into those tablets.
    It says God wrote the words on the tablet with his own finger.

    Could you point me to the versus that says he DIDN’T the second time.

  4. Thank for sharing Mr. and Mrs. Korman . As someone that is newer to learning the old testament I am always fascinated with what can be found about G-d and Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. I have been learning about the Hebrew letters, numbers and meanings have a question. Could it be that the light was from the Aleph, Vav and Reysh . Like in Gen 1:2 when the Father and Son manifest there is Light. Yeshua being the tablets and being with G-d the manifestation of Light was so great that when Moses saw the two manifest (as Yeshua, Moses and Elijah) that was the reason for the Glory or did I just say the same thing you just taught lol? Thank you very insightful

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