Shabbat Shalom


Flower stalls in Amsterdam.  It is traditional to buy flowers for Shabbat.

Well, tonight is the first Shabbat of 2016.  Many people talk about New Year’s resolutions and while this isn’t the Biblical New Year, maybe we can still take this opportunity to start an new habit.  Maybe habit is not the right word.  I like the thought of a new lifestyle.  A lifestyle of living intentionally, and not just going through each day on autopilot.  I was very guilty of doing that when my children were little.  It was just about getting through each day.  If you have young children and are feeling that way, I can relate to you!

But I want to encourage you to try to live each day with purpose and goals. Those earlier years are now a blur to me.  And I regret that.  But, the past cannot be changed and we all need to look forward (Philippians 3:13).

Perhaps we can all add the benefit of studying the Parasha each week (weekly Torah portion).  This is something you can do right now.  This week’s portion is Shemot.  This is Exodus 1:1-6:1).  In this reading, we read about the transformation of the sons of Jacob into the nation of the Children of Israel and their journey.

Let’s strive each week to be involved in our own lives and seek the L-rd’s direction and help in every situation and decision.

Shabbat Shalom!

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