Shabbat Shalom!

Our Makeshift “Studio”!

We hope that you who celebrated a Passover Seder had a meaningful time. I scrolled through some Facebook pages and saw many very lovely table settings. This year was unique as there were probably more people celebrating a seder alone than in recent history. We heard people out on their balconies sing “Dayenu”, which created a very communal feeling in our little area.

As you can see from the picture above, we have been making due with what we have in order to continue the various video series Baruch is teaching. 🙂

The title of tomorrow’s Live Stream is “Resurrection Hope”. You won’t want to miss it. It begins at midnight Israel time. The past 2 weeks we’ve had trouble with the Live Stream due to an overload of activity which then makes our internet not support the event. We have solved this by pre-recording it and so it should work fine. I will still be logged into YouTube to say hello to all of you who watch via that platform.

Please remember those people who are quarantined alone. A cheerful phone call, email or letter would mean a great deal to them.

Also, please pray for the homeless, as I have heard that they are having an even harder time. In Israel, for example, many times they get free meals from restaurants. But now those restaurants are closed.

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  1. Thank you for your continued dedication! My Bible Study group has started using your content to dig deeper into the Word every week.
    תודה רבה

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