Shabbat Shalom! Changes on this Website.

I trust that you will have a blessed Shabbat! We are currently in South Africa, and I will have much to share with you in the coming days!

For quite some time now, I have been posting the Torah Portion by Baruch on this blog. It will no longer show up here. You can now find it each Friday on our website, I hope you will go over there to check it out.

This website/blog will now fully become the space for Biblically Inspired Life. I have an assistant now which will allow me more time to focus on Biblically Inspired Life posts, articles and videos! I hope you will join me as we strive to infuse every aspect of our lives with Biblical truth!

8 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom! Changes on this Website.”

  1. Shabbat Shalom, Rivka! That sounds wonderful! I have the app for Looking forward to the update on South Africa.

  2. Looking forward to it and praying for a most blessed time in South Africa.
    My friends, the Van Wyks are joining you this weekend and I know they will be blessed by your ministry.
    Shalom, shalom
    Ann Gibbon

  3. Hi Rivka,
    I am sad to see this go to another site! I enjoy your youtube channel and this website. The other side is much more difficult to navigate, especially when the internet connection is not the best.

    For anyone looking for these, the weekly readings are found under “The Torah” and “Torah readings” and keep clicking further for the week your looking for. I couldn’t find them at first because I was looking for a similar title of “Shabbat Shalom” rather under the “Torah Portion”, which I found by leaving the site and searching on google.

    Thank you for all yours and Baruch’s teachings and ministry!

    1. This website is staying and I will be producing content regularly. Just the Torah Portion commentary and the daily Bible Studies are moving!

  4. Dear Rivka,

    What a wonderful privilege it was to meet, interact and listen to you and Baruch in South Africa.
    I was touched and inspired by your dedication to the work of the our Lord and Savior and your humbleness. Thank you once again for being obedient, living a biblical inspired life, and visiting the Southern tip of Africa. We have been blessed.

    May you keep on experiencing the love, warmth and servant hearts of the South African people. Enjoy the last day or two in our country. Hope you see lots of penguins!!


    1. Dear Adell, it was very nice to meet you and I enjoyed our chats as well. Our time in South Africa was such a blessing and encouragement. We look forward to coming back! Looking forward to connecting with you in the future.

      And yes, we saw lots of penguins!


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