Shabbat Shalom – Parashat Eikev


Sunset over Colorado.

This weekend, Baruch and I are in San Diego.  There will still be a “Midnight from Jerusalem” Live Stream at its usual time.  Baruch pre-recorded it before we came to the States.  Also, I will not be on Facebook or YouTube Live Chat because I will be at the San Diego conference.

This week’s parasha is Eikev.  Below is a brief commentary on the reading by Baruch.

Parashat Eikev (Reward) Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25

Haftarah: Isaiah 49:14-51:3

Physical strength is a blessing from HaShem. G-d’s people are not supposed to be frail and weak so that they cannot do physical labor. Good health is a blessing that comes from obedience. Please note that I am not talking about those who have some physical ailment or disease, as King Solomon wrote, “…time and mishap will occur to them all” (See Kohelet 9:11). I am speaking about those who simply find it difficult to do physical things. Many would assert it is due to a lack of exercise and a fitness issue. This certainly can be a factor for many, but nevertheless disobedience to the Word of G-d can have physical implications to one’s health. For Moses states,

And you shall keep all the command which I am commanding you this day on account that you will be strong and you will come and possess the Land which you are crossing over there to inherit it.” Deuteronomy 11:8

Obviously in this passage the subject is the Children of Israel as a whole and not any one person in particular. This being the case does not detract from the primary message of the text, obedience to the command of G-d begets power. People who live their lives with the objective to serve HaShem will have a very different outlook on life. They will see an eternal aspect to the things they do and understand that each day contains opportunities that will impact the Kingdom. Believers will see each day of their lives as a time allotment which has a divine mission to complete, rather than filling their days will pastimes that make the days goes by without boredom.

The point to this article is that obedience to the things of Messiah Yeshua invigorates one’s life and supplies the drive and the power to do, rather than to just survive each day and pass through life striving to find things to fill up one’s days. In short, believers are not bored, they are passionate about their call and cherish the time that Yeshua has afforded to them to serve Him and bring glory to His Name.


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