Shavuah Tov!


Photo taken in Central Park, NYC, last year.

Today we had a wonderful Shabbat with the people at Kerem El Messianic Congregation in Ft. Pierce, FL.  There was worship and a Torah service and Baruch taught on Exodus 12 and having a Passover experience.  It was a very interesting teaching.  After the service, we broke for a very nice lunch at the congregation and ended with a small group study of the Torah portion.  Then Baruch and I fellowshipped with 2 other couples until Shabbat ended.

We were so blessed by the people there and the conversations we had.  Thank you to Rav and Rebbetzin Zamstein for their hospitality and love.

I hope that you have a group of people you can meet with to fellowship with and study the Word of G-d.  It is not ever going to be that a group of people will agree on everything. Don’t expect to find that.  However, when we can meet with people with whom we agree on the major doctrines (salvation, etc.), then we can have an “iron sharpens iron” experience.

If you don’t currently meet regularly with a small group to study scripture, I would urge you to begin a discussion group.  You will benefit from it so much!

Tomorrow we will be at Parkview Baptist Church, Lake City, FL.  Looking forward to it!

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