Shavuah Tov!


Last night at our study center.

Last night at our study center, we had a great turnout as we continued our study of the book of Isaiah.  We had some new people come, which was very encouraging.  We also were able to learn of some more people who want our Discipleship Manual.  Please pray as we continue to get requests for them.

After we got home last night, we prepared for our Live Stream, “Midnight from Jerusalem.”  There is a group of us who log into the “live chat” on Youtube.  Feel free to join us.  This week we talked about discerning the will of G-d in our lives and we are going to be praying about this throughout this week.  The study of Ecclesiastes has been very meaningful, as we glean life-changing wisdom from the Scripture.

Today, Baruch and I drove to Beersheva, for our first “new Believers” Bible study.  We studied Romans 12, which is a great chapter for instruction on living an obedient life.  We then studied 20 of the 613 commandments and discussed their relevance to our lives today as believers in Yeshua.  We examined how they are not in conflict with our faith, but rather are good for us in our walk with the L-rd and honoring Him.  This is of course NOT in relation to salvation, but living a Kingdom lifestyle today.

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