Shavuah Tov!

Moscow in daylight and evening.

Shabbat is now over in Moscow and we are preparing for tomorrow, where Baruch will be teaching at the largest Evangelical church in Moscow.

Today we held a study in the center of the city.  The people were very attentive and asked good questions at the end.  Michael, our associate from Israel, was with us.  He translated  for Baruch (from Hebrew into Russian) and he also made promotional flyers for today and tomorrow, to direct people to on the internet and to our television show which is aired in Russia in the Russian language.

We look forward to tomorrow as Baruch teaches on Gid’on.

2 thoughts on “Shavuah Tov!”

  1. “Baruch HaShem”. Hello to you both Dr. Korman and Mrs. Korman, may the L-rd God of Israel be with you in Messian Yeshua our Blessed Glorious Savior.
    Thank you for the hard work you are doing together, I really enjoy reading the e-mails, the nice pictures and watching the Midnight Jerusalem in the website.
    May the L-rd richly bless you and keep you, May His Ruach guide you always in Messiah Yeshua our Blessed Mighty Savior. Shavuah Tov!

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