Shavuah Tov and about the Missed Live Stream

Spring has arrived!

First, a little recap.  Saturday night we studied Isaiah 21 at our study center.  We had 16 people there, including some who were new.  We are very happy to see the growth and interest of the group.

When we arrived home, we prepared for the Live Stream.  Well, things don’t always go as planned!  There was some sort of update required in our software and after we did that, it didn’t work!  Baruch has a telephone meeting with the tech department to get it cleared up and we are very optimistic that all will go well this coming Saturday night.  We apologize for the missed Live Stream.

Today Baruch and I traveled to Beersheva for the “New Believer’s” class.  It was a very good study and the people in Beersheva provided a very delicious, traditional Russian meal for us.  I am so sorry that I did not take pictures of it!  We also partook of the L-rd’s Supper.  It was a meaningful day!


2 thoughts on “Shavuah Tov and about the Missed Live Stream”

  1. Thank you for your blog messages. They are always encouraging and full of the truth! The pictures of the flowers bring joy. The Creator has blessed us with such beautiful things to look at in nature.

  2. Carol Bramlett

    Hi – sorry you had technical difficulties! It is quite a commitment to provide these live sessions! Thanks for your ministry!

    Sent from my iPhone. Please forgive the typos and brevity!


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