Shavuah Tov! Time in Jerusalem Today

I <heart> Jerusalem, the windmill in Yemen Moshe, and a fruit smoothie stand in the German colony.  All in Jerusalem today.

Today Baruch and I went to Jerusalem to get together with Jose and Carrie, friends from the States who are joining us for our study tour, which begins tomorrow evening.  Jose translates this blog into Spanish and it can be found by clicking on “blog” on our homepage and selecting Spanish.

We had a great time with them, as we explored a little bit of Jerusalem.  We also had this nice view, overlooking the Kotel.


We also visited the Wohl Archaeological Museum, which took us back in time 2,000 years.  This archaeological site contains the ruins of a priestly home in the first century.  Below are a few photos I took at the museum.  The stairs lead down to the mikveh, which was used for ritual immersion.

At the Whole Archaeological Museum today.

Tomorrow begins our study tour.  Be sure to stop by here each day to follow us on our journey through the Holy Land!

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