Shemini Atzeret and an Update


Shemini Atzeret is confusing to a lot of people.  It is NOT part of Sukkot.  Because it is called the “Eighth Day Assembly”, it is assumed that it is the eighth day of Sukkot.  That is not the case.  The Bible is not specific about what this day is for, except to say that Shemini Atzeret is a day of convocation.  Within Israel, this is just one day and it is also Simchat Torah.  Outside of Israel, it is for 2 days and the second day is Simchat Torah.  But, since we are Israeli citizens who happen to be outside of Israel, we only are required to observe it one day (yesterday).

Today we are in New York and we will be traveling to Orlando tomorrow to prepare for our conference.  We are very excited for the event, but ask that you would pray for some families who were going to attend.  One attendee, a friend of ours for many years, passed away just a week ago, but she had been planning to come.  Let’s pray for her family. Another wonderful family lost a daughter/sister who was still in her 30s.  Finally, I received an email today from someone whose dear, close cousin passed away.  As we plan to study the great writings of Paul, let us also remember those who are hurting at this time.

If you are signed up to attend the conference, leave me a message telling me what you are looking forward to the most!  See you soon!

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