Shoes on the Danube Bank

Last week, during a layover in Budapest, we were able to visit the Shoes on the Danube Bank Memorial.  This memorial is to honor the Jewish people who were killed by the fascist Red Arrow militiamen in Budapest.  These men lined up Jewish people along the bank of the Danube, had them remove their shoes, and then shot them and had them fall into the river.  There are 60 pairs of shoes made of iron and styled as was common in that period.


Iron shoes along the bank of the Danube River, Budapest.

This memorial was conceived by Can Togay; and he and sculptor Gyula Pauer created it in 2005.


Iron shoe with yartzeit candle.

Even though this is a small memorial and no one was there the entire time we were there, both Baruch and I found it very moving.

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